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Celebrated Wealth Advisor, Financial Planner, Speaker, ForbesBooks Author, and Philanthropist committed to adding more to the money conversation than dollars and cents.

Debra Brede began her career working within the traditional Wall Street business model but soon realized that investors weren’t being treated fairly by firms that too often put sales goals ahead of clients’ needs. So, in 1990, she founded her own independent practice, D.K. Brede Investment Manage­ment Company, where her clients have always been her number-one priority.

In December of 2020, D.K. Brede Investment Management Company became part of GW & Wade, LLC, an independently managed financial advisory firm. Joining GW & Wade allows Debra and her team to continue serving clients while also preserving the legacy and reputation that Debra has built over her 35-year career.

Today, D.K. Brede Investment runs on the audacious notion that the individual needs of clients come first, and every detail of Debra’s financial plans and investment portfolios are tailored to those ends with the help of her meticulously trained support staff.

For Debra, the most rewarding aspect of the work is the confidence she’s able to give her clients, knowing that they are prepared for the future they’ve dreamed of all their life.

That’s why “purpose-driven” is more than just the title of her new book, it’s an ethos that Debra applies to everything she does. Whether it’s helping her clients reach their philanthropic goals or pursuing of her own charitable work on behalf of Agape Aids Orphan Care, every move Debra makes is in service of improving her clients’ lives and making a positive social impact with thoughtful, values-oriented investing.

It’s no surprise then that she’s as celebrated within the industry as she is with her clients. Take a look at her investment industry honors and professional credentials and you’ll understand the difference Debra delivers.

Debra Brede

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  • FT recognized Debra Brede as a FT 400 Financial Advisors 2020 in April 2020 for the previous year. Previous years' awards were recognized around the same time each year for the prior year. As a result of being recognized on this list, Ms. Brede was invited to be a member of the Financial Advisor IQ Leadership Council in 2022 and 2023.
  • Forbes recognized Debra Brede as a Top 250 Wealth Advisors in April 2023 for the twelve months ending 6/3/2022.
  • Forbes recognized Debra Brede Top Women Wealth Advisors in February 2023 for the year ending 9/30/2022.
  • Forbes recognized Debra Brede for Best-in-State in April 2023 for the twelve months ending 6/30/2022.
  • Barron’s recognized Debra Brede as a Hall of Fame Advisor in 2019 after being ranked for 10 or more years on any of the Top 100 Financial Advisors, Barron’s Top Women Financial Advisors, or Top 100 Independent Advisors.
  • Barron’s recognized Debra Brede as a Top 100 Women Financial Advisors in June 2023 for the twelve months ending 3/31/2023.
  • Barron’s recognized Debra Brede as a Top 1,200 Financial Advisor in March 2022 for the twelve months ending 9/30/2021.

*Compensation paid to Forbes and Barron’s for use and promotion of ratings.

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